Being a niche advisor in the Professional Services sector

we help you to achieve the benefits with your digitalization

Increase the value to customers

Digital Services

  • Accelerating business development that drives digitalization
  • Learn what available online services are setting the new standards
  • Increase customer loyalty with digital online services and enhanced collaboration interfaces

Will prestudies be replaced?

Will digital maturity assessment tools change the way we deliver prestudies to customers? Participate in the webinare that Digital Engine and Cinode holds the 4th of December at 11:00 (CET)
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Increase your margins

Digital Delivery

  • Extending the digital toolbox to speed up deliveries
  • Strengthen the data platform and integration to external sources
  • Automation of delivery processes and the use of machine learning
  • Improving the use and functionality of document and knowledge systems

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Improve your business development

Digital Capability

  • Boosting relevant technical resources to be a winning client team. Interactive deliverables.
  • Strengthening change management and digital upskilling
  • Reinforce the CDO/CIO/CTO-roles leading the internal agile digital transformation

Listen to the episode about Service Development

Per Defalva from Digital Engine is invited to Konsultpodden for a discussion about the need to shift from CV:s and hourly rates to crisp services.


  • Be a head of other consultancy firms with more crisp and solid services to your customers.

  • 4 weeks start up project
  • About 30 hours estimated time / team member
  • Based on proven methodology
  • Using Serv-ezign, which is a tool developed specially for service development
  • Fixed price
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Location: Vasagatan 16, Stockholm