Start up of Managed Services

Define what critical roles you often take on in customers’ organizations, that you could deliver as a Managed Service. A combination of consulting expertise and sophisticated tools and dashboards to manage a certain type business support function at customers.​

Outcome: A selected role with the ambition to turn in to a Managed Service. Defined target operating model and vital digital support to deliver and be competitive with the function. Service packaging and a business model.

Calendar time: 4 weeks. The work is conducted as one module. 

What function?

Based on consultancy competence and track record, what roles could deliver as a services?

Target Operating Model

Based on the chosen roles, what would be a target operating model if this would be extended to function?

Digtal support

Based on the target operating model which digital tools, dashboards and automation could be implemented?

Service packaging

Packaging consultancy expertise, target operating model and digital support as a service