Digital Engines service portfolio

We have a portfolio of packaged services suitable for the Professional Service sector or similar functions internally in companies. 

Find new revenue streams


Understand how digitalization is impacting offerings and delivery in the Professional Services sector. What will be disruptive and examples of new type of competition. Benchmark your digital maturity against the average others in the sector.

We help you to define which of your services fit best to be packaged and have potential
to be delivered at a fixed price based on a
clear and digital process.

Take your classic web of information to an integrated customer experience. Define what services, collaboration tools and thought leadership that can be accessible online for premium clients and a suitable business model for this.

Interactive Deliverables

How can you increase the end value to your customers from static reports to interactive deliverables? Even subscription services? We analyse your business potential for this and help you to achieve this level of digitalization.

Define what critical roles you often take on in customers’ organizations, that you could deliver as a Managed Service. A combination of consulting expertise and sophisticated tools and dashboards to manage a certain type business support function at customers.

Increase your margins


We analyze a sample of your client assignments. By looking into what methods have been used, time reporting, proposal versus financial outcome, etc., we define bottle necks that you can overcome with digital solutions.

Find ways to speed up and improve quality in the data collection phase of your assignments. This can be input from interviews, documents or transactions that are needed to conduct the assignment.

Improve benchmarking and data analytics capabilities on your assignment with an in-house data factory that support you. We help you to establish the function and the data plattform and analytics tools.

Robot Process Automation

We help define your back end processes that can be automated with robots working in your current desktop environment. Administrative time can be freed up to other tasks, the quality of the process gets improved and the delivery time will be about three times faster.

Standardize and digitalize the way you conduct workshops online. This will reduce administration and improve the user experience. We help you to package your workshop method and implement smart tools that support you in planing, collaborating and documenting workshops online.

Strengthen your teams


CDO for hire

We help you ensure a steady progress in transforming your current business into a digital service oriented business. We offer experienced leaders who can act as CIO, CDO (Cheif Digital / Data Officer), CPO (Cheif Product Officer) or program managers.

External Digital Factory

With support from Digital Engines' factory you will be able to faster implement robot process automation, data management, prototyping or product management.

Technically enhanced assignment teams

We help you to find resources with suitable technical competence for you to have a winning team on your client assignments. This could be data scientists/visualization, architects, cloud experts, app development or RPA-developers.