About us

Digital Engine

Digital Engine started up 2020 and is led by Per Defalva. Per has worked with key topics on the IT agenda for over 20 years. For the past 6 years as CIO for PwC Sweden, he had a leading role in growing their digital factory and shifting the business mindset on IT. Prior to that, Per worked for 10 years as a management consultant at several leading firms in the area, and prior to was a system developer. 

Our primary customers

Digital Engine focus mainly on helping companies in the Professional Services sector to become more digital. Our scope is on companies working within the following areas:

  • Management consulting, Technology consulting
  • Assurance, Audit
  • Compliance, Risk, Cyber Security
  • Tax related services
  • Deals, M&A, Transactions, Private Equity
  • Accounting
  • Legal

We also support internal business support functions working in these areas.

Our ambition

Although the Professional Services sector contains experts that from various perspectives have helped customers transform their business models and operations to keep up with a changing environment highly impacted by digitalization, little of this has been applied to the professional services industry itself. But the disruption of new business models and digitalization is now impacting this sector as well. 

Our ongoing ambition is to be up-to-date on new products and services in the sector and how the competitive landscape is changing. We analyze companies that successfully have shifted their way of working and approached digitalization in a new way. 

Taking Professional Services to Products means, for us, to be a reliable partner that helps companies shift to offerings and delivery models that to high degree are based on digital products.

Contact us

You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Phone: +46 760-48 38 38
  • Mail: info@digitalengine.se
  • Visit us: Vasagatan 16, Stockholm